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How to prepare and cook Quick toddler recipes

Cream of zucchini with asparagus

A quick and easy recipe for toddlers. I used zucchini and asparagus but to do this recipe you can use almostany any vegetables. Personally I call this pasta recipe a "lifesaver" because it guarantees my child a meal with vegetables and it is very quick to prepare when I have very little time available and the adorable little monster is already screaming: I'M HUNGRY!!!

Dinosaur eggs - delicious baked broccoli patties

What did you eat for lunch? We had some delicious dinosaur's eggs :D. Soft and tasty, crispy outside and cheesy inside thanks to the addition of grated Parmesan cheese. These baked broccoli patties are a yummy meal for children and adults and they are a perfect healthy snack for a dino theme party.

Grilled vegetables soup

A creamy soup for toddlers made with oven grilled vegetables. This process adds flavor to the vegetables and makes them more appetizing for kids.

Homemade cheese and veggie crackers

These cheese crackers are easy and quick to prepare. Full of flavour and healthy appetizer. Also they are perfect for kids who do not like vegetables because they contain well hidden carrot and zucchini.

Pumpkin and carrots soup for babies and toddlers

When I prepared this recipe to my baby boy (10 months old) it was like an epiphany for him. He liked this simple pumpkin soup so much that I can safely say that for two years he has eaten it at least 1 time a week. This recipe can not be simpler. In fact there are only two ingredients (3 counting the water) :) From this dose you should prepare about 15 cups (240 ml each) that you can freeze and use as needed. Also if you take notice that most of pumpkins can remain fresh at room temperature for about six months, you can set aside a couple of these delicious vegetables, and you can serve this soup to your child for almost a whole year long.

Spinach and honey steamed cupcakes

These cupcakes have a very delicate flavor, a surprising texture and a mild honey aftertaste. The spinach provides the color but does not spoil the flavor. In order to cook them you need a steaming basket or a steamer.