Quick Marmalade

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How to prepare and cook Quick Marmalade recipes

Applesauce - extremely versatile, sugar-free apple sauce

This applesauce is a simple, healthy and sugar free marmalade/condiment. Perfect with pancakes, to be used as a substitute for sugar or oil in many recipes for muffins and cakes, to be used as a base for sweet and sour sauces or simply to be eaten (still warm) with a spoon as a healthy and delicious snack.

Banana, coconut and pinapple jam

Sweet and delicious. A perfect combination for pancakes, crepes or to be used as a frosting. It does not require any addition of sugar. The recipe has been adapted from Moje Wypieki.

Grape juice

Fresh grapes cooked with sugar and an apple (for natural pectin) create this sweet and delicious juice/syrup perfect for garnishing crepes, pancakes, ice cream and various desserts. You can store it up to a month in the refrigerator or put it in jars for long preservation.

Persimmon jam

This particular jam with its intense color is very sweet and fragrant. Excellent filling for tarts, croissants or to enjoy it with cheese on a bruschetta.

Plum and cocoa jam

This simple and quick plum jam is dense, creamy and rich in flavor thanks to the addition of dark cocoa powder. A delicious plum jam perfect on toast followed by a cup of tea.