Fun side dishes

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How to prepare and cook Fun side dish recipes

Baked red onions with Gaeta olives

Un contorno molto saporito e fragrante: cipolle rosse cotte al forno, leggermente aspre grazie all'aggiunta del aceto di mele, ma nello stesso tempo morbide e invitanti. Aricchite con una miscella di pane croccante, salvia, rosmarino e olive di Gaeta*. Ricetta ispirata da Donna Hay Magazine.

Baked red onions with Gaeta olives

A very tasty and fragrant side dish: oven baked red onions. Slightly sour thanks to the addition of apple vinegar but at the same time soft and inviting. Enriched with a mixture of crispy bread, sage, rosemary and Gaeta* olives. Recipe inspired by Donna Hay Magazine.

Basil, ginger and lemon hummus

Another version of hummus for you. Chickpeas are combined with basil, lemon and ginger which make this hummus fresh and slightly spicy.

Beetroot hummus

Beside traditional chickpea hummus there are countless variations. Chickpeas are replaced with different types of legumes or the classic mixture of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic is accompanied by different types of vegetables and spices. The beetroot hummus is one of these variations. Baked beetroot goes perfectly with the delicate chickpea flavour and surprises everyone with its lively and cheerful colour.

Crispy Parmesan spatzle

Very few ingredients but lots of flavor. Spatzle are irregularly shaped dumplings from Germany. Quick and easy to prepare. This version with the grated cheese and the dense dough makes them crispy and delicious once you sautè them in a frying pan with some olive oil and some fresh herbs.

Crunchy and spiced zucchini chips

These baked zucchini are a quick and easy side dish. Thanks to the breadcrumbs and cheese the zucchini becomes crispy and the addition of spices make them fragrant and flavourful.

Fresh mixed salad with chickpeas and feta

With the arrival of the summer heat there is nothing better than a nice mixed salad rich in fresh flavors such as cucumber and tomato and nutritious ingredients such as green olives, feta cheese and chickpeas. This salad is perfect as a side dish or for a light and tasty summer main dish forrowed by a flat bread or naan.

Miso hummus

I am a great fan of miso and hummus. Combining these 2 flavors together I discovered one of my favorite hummus variations. Creamy, fragrant, with a slight nutty aftertaste thanks to the union between tahini, miso and olive oil. This version of hummus is without garlic but with lemon juice to give that extra hint of acidity.

Oven roasted spicy cauliflower

This tasty vegetable side dish is easy and quick to prepare. It will not only please cauliflower fans but also many vegetable lovers thanks to the addition of spices that makes it particularly fragrant and flavorful.

Placki ziemniaczane - Polish crispy hash browns

How to prepare some perfect golden and crispy Polish potato hash browns? The secret is to let rest the grated potatoes so that they release the extra juices. The recipe comes from my Polish family. In fact, in Polish cuisine they are called placki ziemniaczane :D

Raw veggie and pineapple salad

This side dish of raw vegetables is inspired by a typical Mexican recipe that is pico de gallo where a mixture of fresh and tasty vegetables including red onion, tomatoes and peppers (traditionally green peppers are used) create a perfect mix that goes perfectly with fish and meat. The addition of fresh pineapple and lime juice create a fabulous sweet and sour salad / side dish to be added to fish tacos or next to seafood.

Red cabbage braised with red wine

An easy and delicious vegetable side dish. This wine braised red cabbage with apples becomes soft and fragrant, perfect as a side dish for fish or meat. Delicious next to boiled potatoes followed by a glass of cold beer.

Roasted yellow pepper hummus

Creamy, dense, delicate, slightly sweet hummus with organic bell peppers * that have been roasted in the oven. Delicious and healthy side dish or an appetizer.

Warm lentil salad with roasted vegetables and pomegranate

This delicious warm lentil* salad is nutritious, healthy and full of flavor. Garnished with pomegranate seeds that guarantee a right crunchiness and freshness and with the sweet and sour sauce made with roasted garlic, honey and mustard.