Fun focaccia

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How to prepare and cook Fun focaccia recipes

Beetroot focaccia

The addition of beetroot to the dough of this focaccia makes it original and delicious. It gives it not only a beautiful color but also adds a "earthy" flavor which is so wonderfully particular and aromatic.

Fougasse - focaccia with blue cheese and walnuts

This tasty focaccia with cheese and nuts has its origins in France. The cuts according to tradition refers to spike of grain. It can be simple without the garnish or prepared with the addition of blue cheese, nuts, olives or anchovy. Soft inside and flavorful. Must try.

Mini focaccias with cumin, coriander and mint

These delicious little focaccias were served to me by a friend together with an excellent vegetable stew. I immediately stole the recipe and I modified it slightly. These buns are soft and very tasty with the addition of spices and onion. Tasty both cold and hot. Perfect with the hot dishes like vegetable and legume stews.