Easy Cookies

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How to prepare and cook Easy Cookies recipe

Cheesecake cookies with blueberries and white chocolate

I won't lie if I tell you that these cookies are absolutely fabulous. Easy and quick to prepare, very soft, they melt in your mouth, with the freshness of blueberries, the sweetness of white chocolate and the delicate taste of spreadable cheese* to imitate the velvety taste of a cheesecake, these cookies are a real treat. I absolutely love them.

Chickpea flour chocolate chip cookies

Easy, quick and delicious. American chocolate chips cookies made with wholegrain chickpea flour*. This naturally gluten-free flour makes these cookies particularly fragrant and tasty. Moreover these cookies are without butter, perfect for those who follow lactose-free diet.

Chocolate chips and mixed seeds healthy biscotti

These chocolate biscotti are not only delicious but also healthy. Delicious, full of mixed seeds* (pumpkin, flax, sunflower and sesame seeds) but also chocolate chips and dark cocoa powder. Sweet at the right point thanks to the addition of brown sugar and completely fat-free. Wonderful with a cup of milk.

Coffee and almonds biscotti

Crunchy and fragrant - these delicious biscotti have a light aftertaste of coffee that goes perfectly with the almond flavour. 2 types of sugar make them particularly fragrant. No-fat, easy to prepare and super inviting. Yum!

Coriander wholemeal cookies

A simple recipe for tasty and healthy wholemeal cookies. The delicate flavor of freshly ground coriander amazed me with its fragrance.

Gluten free buckwheat chocolate cookies

Delicious chocolate cookies with buckwheat flour. Gluten free, dark and luscious, chewy and rich in dark chocolate chips. Perfect for breakfast with a glass of milk.

Honey seed bars with gianduia chocolate

These seed bars with white and black sesame seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are enriched with shredded coconut and they aare particularly delicious thanks to the addition of honey that makes them chewy, sweet and delicious. The thin layer of gianduia chocolate makes them irresistible.

Marzipan cookies

A really simple recipe (to prepare it you just need a bowl, your hands and the baking tray) for some soft cookies with a delicate flavor and unique texture. The amaretto liqueur reinforces the taste of almonds, but is not strictly necessary. The dough keeps well its form while baking.

Melt in your mouth cocoa and kefir cookies

As mentioned, these cocoa and kefir cookies are very soft and practically melt in your mouth. They are also really easy and quick to prepare which makes them perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Orange flavored biscuits

Easy recipe for butter cookies with no eggs added. Very aromatic with a distinct orange scent. Perfect with a cup of hot tea during cold months .


The Snickerdoodles are typical American soft cookies covered with sugar and cinnamon. They have amazing soft texture, they are aromatic, sweet but with a hint of salty. This adorable cookies will make your breakfasts and snacks really special!

White chocolate and coffee cookies

These simple and fragrant cookies with a delicate aftertaste of coffee and covered with white chocolate are a real delight. The addition of slightly salted butter * gives them a more deep flavor and the right crispness.