Easy Buns

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How to prepare and cook Easy Buns recipes

Easy breakfast buns

These soft rolls with a slightly crisp crust are tasty and easy to bake. Perfect with some jam for breakfast or a snack with hazelnut cream.

Easy olive oil buns

Homemade simple olive oil buns. Soft inside and with a thin but slightly crunchy crust.

Focaccia with mascarpone cheese

These little focaccias are excellent for breakfast with honey or as a snack with Nutella as they are very soft and tender. The addition of mascarpone cheese makes them fresh the day after and gives them a delicate flavor of milk.

Mini pumpkin scones

Mini pumpkin scones are small orange sandwiches made with baking powder instead of yeast. These delicious scones smell of pumpkin and lemon. They are not too sweet and have a light texture. Original recipe can be found here.

Olive oil rolls with spelt flour, pumpkin and rosemary

Cute, tiny, soft and full of flavor. Their size makes them particularly appetizing. They have a delicate scent of pumpkin and rosemary and they are enriched with spelt flour and extra virgin olive oil* that make them super fragrant and delicious.

Soft buns with barley coffee

Soft, delicate and delicious. With amazing consistency and with a light aftertaste of barley coffee. Perfect both for breakfast and for a afternoon snack.

Super soft butter rolls

The softest, lightest & fluffiest butter rolls ever. Perfect for breakfast and a snack. They melt in your mouth.