Vegetarian side dishes

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How to prepare and cook Vegetarian side dishes recipe

Baked red onions with Gaeta olives

Un contorno molto saporito e fragrante: cipolle rosse cotte al forno, leggermente aspre grazie all'aggiunta del aceto di mele, ma nello stesso tempo morbide e invitanti. Aricchite con una miscella di pane croccante, salvia, rosmarino e olive di Gaeta*. Ricetta ispirata da Donna Hay Magazine.

Baked red onions with Gaeta olives

A very tasty and fragrant side dish: oven baked red onions. Slightly sour thanks to the addition of apple vinegar but at the same time soft and inviting. Enriched with a mixture of crispy bread, sage, rosemary and Gaeta* olives. Recipe inspired by Donna Hay Magazine.

Beetroot hummus

Besides traditional chickpea hummus there are countless variants. Chickpeas are replaced with different types of legumes or the classic mixture of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic is accompanied by different types of vegetables and spices. The beetroot hummus is one of these variants. The baked beetroot goes perfectly with the delicate chickpea flavour and surprises everyone with its lively and cheerful colour.

Cauliflower puree

Delicate, creamy, cheesy cauliflower puree is a great competitor of the classic mashed potatoes. Soft and velvety mashed cauliflower side dish goes perfectly with fish, meat, creamy sauces with mushrooms or grilled vegetables.

Classic chickpeas hummus

Classic hummus is a spread made from chickpeas and tahini (sesame paste) flavored with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. It's a very healthy and tasty appetizer that is prepared with ease. Perfect with crackers, Indian naan bread or bruschetta.

Crunchy and spiced zucchini chips

These baked zucchini are a quick and easy side dish. Thanks to the breadcrumbs and cheese the zucchini becomes crispy and the addition of spices make them fragrant and tasty.

Honey glazed carrots with thyme and mustard

Delicious oven baked carrots that get their sweetness and amazing flavor from honey mixed with mustard, garlic and fresh thyme. These glazed carrots are a super easy and healthy side dish.

Lentil and chickpeas spicy stew

A very tasty dish of mixed legumes. A union of chickpeas and lentils cooked with tomato and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and paprika make this dish unique in its flavour.

Oven roasted spicy cauliflower

This tasty vegetable side dish is easy and quick to prepare. It will not only please cauliflower fans but also many vegetable lovers thanks to the addition of spices that makes it particularly fragrant and flavorful.

Oven roasted veggie fries

A delicious side dish of mixed vegetables roasted in the oven. An easy way to get your kids eat some more veggies. The use of starch creates a crispy layer on the vegetables and the addition of fresh herbs make them even tastier.

Peperonata - peppers cooked with tomatoes and sliced onions

This variation of Italian peperonata is a very tasty side dish composed of oven roasted bell peppers stewed in the pan with onion, cherry tomatoes and garlic . It can be served both hot and cold as a side dish paired with meat and fish or by itself on a bruschetta with a drizzle of olive oil.

Placki ziemniaczane - Polish crispy hash browns

How to prepare some perfect golden and crispy Polish potato hash browns? The secret is to let rest the grated potatoes so that they release the extra juices. The recipe comes from my Polish family. In fact, in Polish cuisine they are called placki ziemniaczane :D

Polish cucumbers pickled in brine

These traditional Polish pickled cucumbers in brine are a short term fermented side dish that normally is prepered during summer period. Full of bold flavors and fragrant.

Pumpkin hummus

Another version of hummus. This time I used the seasonal vegetable, that is the pumpkin, to give a little sweetness to one of my favorite side dishes. Pumpkin goes perfectly with chickpeas and flavour of paprika (both sweet and smoked) and the heat of the chili powder. If you do not have ready to use pumpkin puree, I would like to remind you that on foodohfood you can find the recipe that tells you how to make homemade pumpkin puree.

Roasted yellow pepper hummus

Creamy, dense, delicate, slightly sweet hummus with organic bell peppers * that have been roasted in the oven. Delicious and healthy side dish or an appetizer.

Soft potato silesian dumplings

These soft dumplings with a particular shape come from the Polish tradition. Simple and genuine contain very few ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare. Their shape with a dimple in the middle make them an excellent side dish for meals with meat sauce, cheese or other creamy sauces.