Traditional Cakes

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How to prepare and cook Traditional Cakes recipes

Best ever carrot cake with toasted coconut

Moist and dense, perfectly sweet, carrot cake of English origin. This soft slightly spiced cake is stuffed with a delicate cream cheese frosting. This version uses toasted shredded coconut instead of raisins and that gives it a pleasant crunchiness and delicious aftertaste. The recipe was adapted from Epicurious carrot cake with coconut.

Cotton cheesecake - amazing Japanese cheesecake

It was a long time since I wanted to prepare this Japanese cotton cheesecake that in recent years has become very popular on the internet. When I had an opportunity to use some amazing cream cheese* I did not think twice. This cheesecake is absolutely special. Born of the union of the softest sponge cake with the most delicate cheesecake. It requires few but essential steps in preparation and if you follow this recipe you should have no problems with it.

Fyriskaka - Swedish cinnamon cake with apples

When it's cold outside the best thing is a cup of hot tea and a soft, spicy, sweet and fragrant cake. Fyriskaka is a classic apple pie of Swedish origin. It warms the heart with its simplicity, with its smell of baked apples, and its sent of cardamom and cinnamon. It is very tasty once cooled down but even better warm with a scoop of whipped cream next to it.

Lazy banana bread

Not too sweet, this moist and delicious banana bread is ready in no time. Perfect for those times when you feel too lazy to follow any complicated recipes. All you need is a bowl and a fork and a craving for some bananas.

Moist, soft and creamy decadent chocolate cake

Simple and amazing, easy and delicious, intense and fragrant, chocolate birthday cake. With delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting* and moist cocoa cake it is sweet at the right point and will satisfy many chocolate lovers.

Pumpkin Tres Leches cake

This Mexican cake is made of a delicious and soft spinge cake soaked in the mix of three types of milk and garnished with whipped cream. My version adds pumpkin puree into the dough which makes it even more moist and tasty while the classic milk is replaced with coconut milk that along with the spice mix makes this cake unique and irresistible.

Strawberry bundt cake

Fresh strawberries and the spring breeze in the air were the inspiration for this simple bundt cake with blended strawberries*. Delicate in flavor, not too sweet, dense and fragrant. Perfect for brakfast or with a cup of tea.