Quick Cake

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How to prepare and cook Quick Cake recipes

Aromatic plum cake

Quick and easy, soft and aromatic cake with organic plums that have been kindly provided to me by Bioexpress* (see the notes). Adding banana into the dough makes it delicious, moist and sweet, while brown sugar mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg creates a slightly crunchy topping.

Broccoli and cheese bread

This bread is easy and quick to prepare. It'a very tasty savory brioche / cake flavored with pecorino and smoked cheese that goes well with the delicate taste of broccoli. Excellent for dinner or lunch can be eaten either hot or cold.

Chocolate and olive oil cake with orange marmalade

Often the simplest recipes are the best ones and this chocolate and olive oil* cake is this case. Intense, sweet, moist, with a delicate orange aftertaste thanks to the addition of orange marmalade. This chocolate cake is perfect for a dessert, a snack or as a base for buttercream filled birthday cakes.

Cream cheese chocolate cake with fresh strawberries

It rains ... it rains a lot ... spring just does not want to come... hey! wait! there are strawberries on sale! When the weather does not help there is nothing better than a chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and a cup of tea or coffee. The addition of the spreadable cream cheese * in the batter makes this cake particularly yummy, dense and fragrant. It is simple and quick to prepare, perfect for breakfast or a snack or to just to feel better when the wheather is gloomy and sad.

Everyday strawberry cake

Delicate cake with fresh strawberries. Perfect for breakfast or as a dessert. Easy to prepare and with a simple flavour. Covered with a thin layer of powdered raw cane sugar* this cake is a perfect, easy, everyday cake.

Fyriskaka - Swedish cinnamon cake with apples

When it's cold outside the best thing is a cup of hot tea and a soft, spicy, sweet and fragrant cake. Fyriskaka is a classic apple pie of Swedish origin. It warms the heart with its simplicity, with its smell of baked apples, and its sent of cardamom and cinnamon. It is very tasty once cooled down but even better warm with a scoop of whipped cream next to it.

No-bake vanilla and coconut cake

This cake is easy and quick to prepare. The friable cookies become soft and melt-in-your-mouth thanks to the cream made of milk, vanilla and butter*. A layer of cherry or raspberry marmalade gives it a sour twist. This no-bake cake is cover with toasted shredded coconut and have some raspeberries for a fresh and yummy decoration.

Soft, no-bake, cookie chocolate cake

Quick and easy no-bake cake. This cookie cake becomes super soft and delicious thanks to the chocolate cream and marmalade* that adds a sour note, while dark chocolate chips add some extra crunchiness. Yummy!

Zucchini cake

Healthy, sweet and different. Zucchini (same like carrots) combined with spices and brown sugar create a moist and soft cake that is rich in fiber and delicious. An excellent way to give some extra vegetables to your children.