Healthy Pancake

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How to prepare and cook Healthy Pancake recipes

Pumpkin pancakes

Easy, fast and delicious. These pumpkin pancakes are perfect while still hot with some butter, honey, or simply with powdered sugar. The addition of cinnamon enhances the slightly sweet taste of the pumpkin, making these delicious pancakes become a perfect breakfast in autumn.

Ricotta hotcakes

These delicate pancakes with the addition of ricotta cheese are a great way to start your day. They do not contain baking powder but remain soft and fluffy due to the addition of beated egg whites.

Savory pancakes with peas, baby spinach and pecorino cheese

The savory pancakes are a delicious variation of the classic sweet pancakes. This version uses green peas and fresh baby spinach that makes them fragrant and with a beautiful color while adding the pecorino cheese gives them the delicate salty taste.

Vegan pancakes with banana and peanuts

Ok, I will not lie to you... these pancakes are just fabulous. The fact that they do not contain animal derivatives (that are vegan) is just a pleasant coincidence. These soft, fragrant pancakes, with a slight aftertaste of banana and peanut have become (for now at least) our favorites pancakes. They can be prepared in no time in a blender. We eat them with honey or maple syrup but I think a chocolate sauce could be a perfect topping. Let me know what you think.