Healthy Bread

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How to prepare and cook Healthy Bread recipes

Bread with zucchini

This recipe came to me while I was on holidays in Poland. My father is a vegetable garden enthusiast and he cultivates various types of vegetables including zucchini. This year he grew too many so to be able to eat all of them we invented many zucchini recipes including this recipe for bread. The bread itself is delicate, soft, almost like a brioche but with a crunchy crust, perfect with a layer of butter (vegan or regular) and some strawberry jam.

Cloud Bread - carb free and gluten free web recipe

The "Cloud Bread" is a fun recipe that has conquered the world of internet. It's dough is made of eggs and cream cheese. Gluten free and carb free, it is perfect for those who have an intolerance or are on a special diet. The flavor is very delicate and texture of this "bread" is super fluffy. It is not a classic bread though... I would describe it as the most lightweight and soft omelet I've ever eaten :D

Italian focaccia with spiced potatoes

This focaccia is soft and fragrant. The thin potato slices spiced with curcuma, smoked paprika and curry powder create a pefect combination with the deep flavour of focaccia made with Italian coarse bread flour which was offered to me by Molino Pagani.

My father's bread - wholemeal flour bread with mixed seeds

This recipe belongs to my father who for years has experimented with traditional recipes of Polish rye bread. He has mixed different flours and seeds and created this moist, rich in flavor and nourishing bread. Slightly sour, thanks to the addition of rye flour, this bread remains fresh for a long time and it is perfect with cheese.

No Knead Bread - baked in glass casserole

No Knead Bread - is a easy bread recipe that for some years became famous among food bloggers. The process is very simple and requires very few steps. The dough doesn't need to be knead but it has to rest overnight in the refrigerator so you can bake it the next morning. The one element that is required is oven proof glass casserole or dutch oven pot. All of them with the lid. This version uses two types of flour and flax seed. The bread is very tasty with super crispy crust.

No salt bread with cooked rice

This delicious bread without salt, with the addition of cooked rice, surprises with its texture and its flavor. Personally I find it perfect with cheeses and marmalade. Since it contains no salt it is great for toddlers. The recipe has been adapted from

Sourdough rye bread with prunes

Delicious sourdough rye bread with dried prunes*. This bread is moist, slightly sour and full of sweet pieces of dried plums. Perfect with cheese and a glass of red wine.