Fun Pies

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How to prepare and cook Fun Pie recipes

Decadent chocolate and coconut pie

This rich and decadent tart is a union between white chocolate filling and dark chocolate ganache, placed over cocoa shortbread. A pie for true chocolate lovers.

Mascarpone and white chocolate tart with black and blueberries

An excellent tart with a velvety filling made with white chocolate and mascarpone cheese. This creamy filling blends perfectly with the sweetness and acidity of black and blueberries. It should be prepared a day before and then assembled easily the next day. A must try! The creamy filling's recipe comes from the very interesting Italian blog: La mia pasticceria moderna.

Milk and lemon pie

This milk and lemon pie is perfectly sweet and sour. A mix of flavors between delicate soft milk filling mixed with tangy lemon juice, vanilla, nutmeg and cane sugar. Best with the fresh seasonal fruit.

Ricotta and chocolate stracciatella tart

If you're a fan of pies and stracciatella flavor this is the perfect pie for you. Delicate union between the crumbly homemade pastry and creamy filling of ricotta cheese, enriched by the bitter chocolate pieces and a slight scent of lemons, makes this pie a perfect well balanced yummy dessert for hot and cold days.

Savory pie with carrots, zucchini and creamy goat cheese

I found this recipe on a ready to cook puff pastry package and I decided to try it by adding some slight modifications. This savory pie is really delicious. Carrots and zucchini are tender and tasty despite short cooking time. The vegetables are a perfect match with the creamy goat cheese filling. I personally recommend you do not modify the recipe by exchanging the goat cheese for regular cream cheese, I think that this kind of pairing would be a little bland and dull.

Tangy and creamy key lime pie

This American cake, which is part of the "pie" family, has the crushed cookies base instead of the classic Italian shortbread. The filling is very creamy with a pungent lime flavor and a texture that resembles almost a very light cheesecake. Refreshing, tangy and delicious it is an as excellent summer dessert.