Fun Brioches

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How to prepare and cook Fun Brioches recipes

Apple turnovers

A quick and easy way to create fragrant puff pastry turnovers with apple filling. If you have a sheet of puff pastry in your fridge and a few apples in your pantry you can prepare this dessert in a few minutes.

Blueberry marmalade brioche

What happens if we add our favorite marmalade into the dough of braided brioche? We obtain a soft and delicious brioche with a light fruity aftertaste and an irresistible smell. To get a better result I recommend using a jam with a strong flavor and bright color.

Brioche with cherry marmelade

Delicious brioche with a rich flavor of cherry marmelade and amazing orange scent. Perfect for a tea time or for a sweet breakfast with a cup of hot coffee.

Chalka z kruszonka - Polish sweet bread with crumble

Chalka z kruszonka: do not be scared by the name, chalka is a traditional Polish brioche with crumble. Soft, slightly sweet, with a distinct scent of butter and vanilla. Perfect for both breakfast and snacks. I recommend it!

Chocolate chips rolls - made in a frying pan

The idea for these delicious rolls was born when I mistakenly multiplied by 2 the ingredients for naan bread and I found myself with too much dough. So I decided to take advantage of the situation and try to create rolls made in the frying pan. The dough remained soft and tasty. The addition of lemon zest has given these little buns some lovely fragrance that combines well with dark chocolate.

Dark cocoa brioche with white chocolate chips

With this dark cocoa brioche I wanted to combine a delicate scent of butter with the flavor of dark cocoa powder. White chocolate chips add an element of unexpected sweetness to this brioche.

Five-spice and mascarpone soft croissants

Small and delicious leavened croissants with 5 spices powder* (fennel, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and star anise) and mascarpone. Fragrant and delicious, covered with a thin caramelized layer of brown sugar. One leads to another!

Perfect French toast

Sweet and delicious, fragrant french toast recipe. Honey, cinnamon, egg yolks, milk and cream - that's sounds soo yummy to me. 

Soft mascarpone brioche with lemon and cardamom pastry cream

This brioche becomes very soft and delicate thanks to the addition of mascarpone cheese in the dough. Little amount of yeast and longer leavening time let it stay fresh and soft even the next day. The shape is made of different size croissants filled with aromatic lemon and cardamom pastry cream. Garnish it with a light layer of powdered sugar and it is perfect to be served.

Strawberry scones

I give you another recipe for the fast, easy and delicious brioches. The scones with strawberries are a variant of the classic English quick bread. Not too sweet, with an intense flavor and smell of strawberries and enriched with a pink icing (made with strawberries as well), these brioches are prepared in a very short time and disappear even faster.