Easy Puff Pastry

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How to prepare and cook Easy Puff Pastry recipes

Cheese and paprika puffs

A quick and easy way to prepare the puff pastry appetizers is to create these delicious puffs intertwined with cheese and paprika, creating crunchy delicious cheesy puff pastry sticks.

Creamy mortadella stuffed puff pastry leaves

Here's for you another way to use the puff pastry and creating quick and delicious appetizers. This recipe offers a version of puff pastry filled with baloney spread and baked in a way to look like palm leaves.

Puff pastry cake with tuna

These puff pastry savory pockets are quick and easy to prepare. The creamy filling is a combination of tuna and ricotta cheese flavored with leeks and pickled cucumbers to add a little of acidity to this tasty pie.

Puff pastry candies with olives

Here's another recipe for a tasty appetizer made within minutes. The puff pastry “candies” with green olives are prepared in no time and are perfect for a appetizer, brunch or as party food.

Savory pie with puff pastry, creamy filling with zucchini and San Marzano tomatoes

Today I made a savory cake created on the go with the ingredients that most of us already have at home: zucchini, tomatoes, cream cheese, store bought puff pastry. I used the San Marzano tomatoes because in my opinion they are the best but any other tomato variation should be fine. This cake is simple and easy to prepare, it is also very tasty as the tomato goes perfectly with the flavor of the cheese and basil.